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Chlebnicka Gate


Description of the apartment

It is one-bedroom 50 m2 Design Apartment**** situated on the Main Town in Gdansk. It consists of a living room with a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. This luxury apartment is intended for 6 persons, on request possible for 7 person (one person on bed camp - 80 pln).  Wi-Fi is provided free of charge. TV - DVD and Netflix.

Apartment equipment

Living room:  sofa bed for 2 persons, coffee table, TV set, dinner table and 4 chairs, wardrobe


Bedroom I: 2 high-class single beds (twin bed available on request), built-in wardrobe, bedside table, sejf


Bedroom II: 2 high-class single beds, built-in wardrobe, bed-side table


Bathroom: WHB, washing machine, hair dryer, cloth dryer


Kitchen: built-in furniture set, complete kitchenware (dishwasher, microwave oven, toster, coffee machine, wireless kettle)

Chlebnicka Gate

The water city of Gdańsk.

The Chlebnicka gate is a fortification located at the Chlebnicka 21 street, which was built in the Gothic style in the second half of the fourteenth century. More than one hundred years later, it became renovated and acquired a Flemish style. For many years, this gate was preserved in perfect condition. It seemed the World War II wouldn't leave its mark on it either, but in 1945 a part of the gate was destroyed as a result of a huge fire. In the years 1959-1961, the building was rebuilt, modernized and intended for residential purposes. It fulfils precisely this function to this day.


The Chlebnicka Gate is one of the most characteristic buildings in Gdańsk. The coat of arms of the city, which has been preserved on the gate, is an extremely important element of the rich history of the city. A real treat for tourists and a reason to be proud for the inhabitants.

Apartment in a medieval gate

The Chlebnicka Gate is one of the oldest monuments in Gdansk. It is a part of the characteristic of Gdansk architectural ensemble of the so-called, water gates which crown the streets that reach Motława River. In the distant past The Chlebnicka Gate had a defensive function, while in the modern times it has been converted into a dwelling house. In the places where today there are windows, once were embrasures. Among all the water gates, The Chlebnicka Gate survived the end of the II World War in the best condition. From Apartment windows one can observe the beautiful Motława River Embankment and the Long Shoreland where numerous cafés and restaurants