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Description of the apartment

It is 42 m2 one-bedroom Design Apartment**** situated on the 1st floor in Mariacka Street. It consists of a living room with a kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom. The Fahrenheit Apartment is suitable for 4 persons, on request possible 5 persons maximum (bed camp 80 pln/1 day). Wi-Fi and safe are provided free of charge.

Apartment equipment

Living room:  TV set, cupboard, coffee table, dinner table and 4 chairs, TV Sat


Bedroom: 2 high-class single beds (twin bed available on request), built-in wardrobe, bedside table


Wardrobe: iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, cloth dryer


Bathroom: WHB, shower, hair dryer Kitchen: high-class built-in furniture set, complete kitchenware (dishwasher, microwave oven, electric oven, 4- spot ceramic plate, toster, coffe machine, wireless kettle)


Cold, colder, hot.

If it had not been for Gabriel Fahrenheit, who was born in Gdańsk, we would not know if the fever we feel results from the disease which spreads in our body, or if there is just an unbearable heat outside. Fahrenheit improved the mercury thermometer invented by Galileo, taking advantage of the fact that this substance expands under the influence of the increasing temperature. In addition, he investigated the effect of atmospheric pressure on mercury . Fahrenheit was the son of a merchant - Daniel Fahrenheit and Concordia, who came from a famous family of Gdańsk entrepreneurs.


It turned out, however, that the thermometer alone is not enough for precise measurement . Nobody developed a scale that would make it possible to read the results and unify the temperature around the world. Here, Fahrenheit was the first as well - to mark the "0" point, he used the lowest temperature recorded in the winter of 1709 in Gdańsk, while 100 degrees was the temperature of his body. The lower limit of the scale he invented meant that it was very cold, while the highest point meant heat. It was not until several years later that Anders Celsius developed a scale based on the change in the state of water. Zero degrees marks the moment when ice turns into liquid, while 100 degrees means boiling water.

Old Town at Mariacka Street

The Apartment is located in one of the most beautiful streets of Main Town in Gdansk, famous for its exceptionally adorable townhouses, numerous amber workshops and unique atmosphere. Just a few steps from the Motława River Embankment, with a marina and lots of cafés, pubs and restaurants. In a immediate vicinity of the world's biggest brick church - St. Mary's Church. The guarded car-park is situated within a 5-minute walk from the apartment.